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Linden is an affordable, welcoming, "small town" community in the metro-NYC area, with the peaceful comforts of suburbia and all the amenities of larger Jewish communities. It is one of the most centrally located cities in NJ: a half hour from Teaneck, Brooklyn, NYC, and many universities and major work centers. because of this, Linden has recently become the smart choice for young couples and families looking to settle down and grow their careers and families in a cost-effective way.

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This week's Torah portion is Parshas Beha'aloscha

Shabbos, Jun 10

Candle Lighting

Friday, Jun 9, 8:08pm


Motzei Shabbos, Jun 10, 9:12pm

Shabbos Mevarchim

Shabbos, Jun 17
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Tue, June 6 2023 17 Sivan 5783