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Learning Opportunities

Daily Classes

Mishna Yomit
Join thousands of people around the world who study two Mishnayot a day in order to complete the entire Mishna in under six years.
After Shacharit every morning

5 Minutes for Halacha
In this short class after Maariv in the Winter and in the summer between Mincha/Maariv,  we will study various Halakhic topics.
Every evening following Minyan

Daf Hashavua Podcast
10 minutes a day to learn gain new insights on the Daf. The week’s learning will be available online to download or stream right from your phone. We will study Masechet Avoda Zarah.


Shabbat Mevarchim Shiur - For Women Only
Join Naava Hess and other women of the community, for a monthly shiur on various contemporary topics.
Shabbat Afternoon Rotating Homes.

Weekly Classes

She’alot U’teshuvot
In this class, we will examine some of the greatest rabbinic minds in Jewish history. Our focus will be on their written responsa, but we will also learn about their personalities, their communities, and the context in which they lived
Sunday following  8am Shacharit

A beginner’s class on Sefer Shoftim with Rabbi Hess
Monday night following Maariv

Lunch & Learn: Sefer Bereishit
An in-depth look at the Chumash using the classic commentary of Rashi as our starting point
Tuesday at 1:30pm. Cost: $5 for Lunch

Shayla of the Week
On Friday nights, Rabbi Hess highlights one of the fascinating Shayla’s received from the past week
Between Kabbalat Shabbat & Maariv on Friday nights

Parsha Shiur
Start your Shabbat morning with insights and inspiration from the weekly Parsha
Every Shabbat morning at 8:30 am

Jewish Philosophy with Yoel Schaper- Winter Months
Join our in-house philosopher, Yoel Schaper, as he brings Saadiah, Maimonidies & Halevi back to life
Shabbat Afternoon 30 minutes before Mincha

Perek in the Park- Summer Months
Enjoy the warmth of the Shabbos Park together with the fire of Torah and gain an appreciation for Jewish ethics
Shabbat Afternoon 5:30pm

As the Shabbat wanes, join Rabbi Hess for inspirational messages from our great Chasidic masters
Seudah Shlishit every Shabbat


October 19-20 - Rabbi Mark Trencher will be joining us to share his research regarding American Modern Orthodoxy.

November 9-10 - Jewish Federation President Scott Krieger

Date TBA - Professor Lawrence Schiffman, New York University

February 8-9 - Tom Beck, Executive Director, Jewish Family Service of Central NJ - Annual Inclusion Shabbat.

March 8-9 - Yeshiva University's Rabbi Yehoshua Rubenstein

Date TBA - Singer Eitan Katz - He will not only share his love of Torah when he speaks, but he will also be leading the davening during his visit.

Yeshiva University Speaker Series

One weekday per month, one of these rabbanim will come to learn with us right here in Linden.

Monday, November 26 - Rabbi Yaakov Glasser

Wednesday, December 19 - Rabbi Michoel Zylberman

Tuesday, January 7 - Rabbi Dovid Hirsch

Tuesday, February 12 - Rabbi Yehuda Willig

Tuesday, March 12 - Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Weinberg

Wednesday, April 3 - Rabbi Elchonon Adler

Tuesday, May 21 - Rabbi Zvi Sobolovsky

Mon, September 23 2019 23 Elul 5779