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Linden Community Enjoys Inspiring GPATS Shabbaton

02/16/2024 11:36:58 AM


Courtesy of Anshe Chesed) Over Shabbat Parshat Yitro, Congregation Anshe Chesed of Linden, New Jersey, welcomed three bright young women from Yeshiva University’s Graduate Program in Advanced Talmud/Tanach Studies (GPATS) for a Shabbat of learning and community-building. Daniella Rifkind, Zahava Fertig and Estee Brooks shared their knowledge and passion for Torah through enlightening lectures and engaging discussions, enriching the...Read more...

Day in the Life of an Av Beit Din

02/08/2024 11:37:56 AM


(Courtesy of Cong. Anshe Chesed) Cong. Anshe Chesed in Linden recently welcomed Rabbi Yona Reiss, the esteemed av beit din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council to its beautiful beit midrash for a fascinating lecture on the multifaceted role of an av beit din. The event, sponsored by the...Read more...

Shabbos Mevarchim Tambourine Decorating  

01/19/2024 11:40:29 AM


In honor of Shabbos Mevorchim and Parshat Shmot, Anshe hosted a women's painting night where we painted tambourines with images of Krias Yam Suf inspired by @yaelivogel 's painting.

We also shared insights from @korenpublishers 's excellent publication of Shmos, which reviews archeology related to the Exodus story.

The tambourines are beautiful. May we use them to celebrate geula always!


Anshe Chesed had a beautiful Chanukah Chagiga

12/26/2023 03:24:03 PM


Anshe Chesed had a beautiful #Chanukah Chagiga, with delicious food (as you see, both sour cream and applesauce were represented!), great music, and card making for Israeli chayalim.

Thank you to the Geltzers for sponsoring!

We loved seeing everyone's snazzy Chanukah gear!! 

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Turning Thanksgiving into a Day of Thanks!

11/24/2023 03:25:58 PM


Happy Thanksgiving!

After shacharis, bagel breakfast, and a mini shiur, Anshe Chesed delivered cards and pies to our local Linden fire station and got to explore the station and engines. We are so grateful for their service!

Wishing everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving and thanking Hashem for the wonderful bounty we have!

May be an image of 12 people, ambulance and textRead more...

Anshe Chesed Challah Bake Unites Community In Common Purpose

10/26/2023 03:21:35 PM


(Anshe Chesed of Linden hosted a large-scale challah bake as a refuah sheleima for their congregant, 13-year-old Jojo Vizel.

Jojo is a sweet child who is battling a rare and aggressive cancer, and the shul hosted the challah bake as a zechus for his refuah and fundraiser for his medical bills. The...Read more...

Israel Display at Anshe Chesed

10/22/2023 03:27:35 PM


Our new display at Anshe Chesed, highlighting all the incredible chesed and unity that has come about as a result of this war.

May this be a zchus to help this conflict resolve with peace and success.

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Anshe Chesed of Linden Plans Challah Bake

10/19/2023 03:19:22 PM



Anshe Chesed of Linden will host a challah bake for the zechus of a refuah sheleima for their beloved member Jojo Vizel. Jojo just turned bar mitzvah and is battling a rare and aggressive cancer. This challah bake is hosted as a zechus and fundraiser for him; all proceeds will go towards...Read more...

Rabbi Yitzy Laster Joins Anshe Chesed of Linden

09/21/2023 03:17:48 PM


Rebecca Fal

Naama and Rabbi Yitzy Laster.

(Courtesy of Anshe Chesed) Anshe Chesed of Linden is pleased to welcome their new rabbinic intern, and his wife Naama to the leadership team. Originally from Queens, Rabbi Laster studied for two years at Yeshivat Sha’alvim in Israel before earning...Read more...

Selichot at Anshe Chesed

09/12/2023 10:46:09 AM


Rabbi Simcha Willig visited Anshe Chesed of Linden for a pre-selichot kumzitz . It was an beautiful evening of singin , torah and inspiration for Elul. This event showcased the Achdut that Anshe Chesed epitomizes bringing together members of Anshe Chesed, the local Chassidic community, residents of Elizabeth and Hillside. Thank you Rabbi Willig for inspiring us!


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