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Pre -Slichos Program 

09/18/2022 08:48:05 PM


Rebecca Falk

Members and friends of Anshe Chesed enjoyed a pre-slichos program with Rabbi Baruch Simon, Rosh Yeshiva of REITS, followed by Slichos, led by our every own Jonathan Falk. Thank you Rabbi Simon for inspiring us, and Jonathan for a meaningful service to lead us to Rosh Hashana.

You can listen to a recording or Rabbi Simon's talk here


Linden’s Anshe Chesed Community Learns About The ‘Power of Shabbos’

08/11/2022 10:52:41 AM


Rebecca Falk

Last week, congregants and friends of Linden’s Congregation Anshe Chesed joined together for dinner and a shiur with Rabbi Chaim Jachter. His talk, “The Power of Shabbos: Shabbat and Electricity in the 21st Century,” was a preview of his new book of the same title. Attendants had the opportunity to purchase signed copies of the rabbi’s many books.

Rabbi Jachter discussed the development of the halachic issues regarding...Read more...

Linden’s Congregation Anshe Chesed Plans Annual Dinner

05/17/2022 10:22:16 AM


By JLNJ Staff

 Congregation Anshe Chesed’s annual dinner will be held on Sunday, May 15, at 6:30 p.m. The dinner promises to be an exciting evening, celebrating Anshe Chesed’s 108th anniversary and honoring four incredible people who exemplify commitment to the shul. Each honoree has made a huge impact on the community in multiple ways. The dinner serves as an opportunity to honor them and thank them for their service.

Linden’s 9th Ward...

Yom Haatzmaut 2022

05/06/2022 08:58:28 PM


Israel's 74th birthday party was fun for all ages! We celebrated with Israeli dinner, inspirational Hallel, Kahoot, and a unique "tour" of Israel, led by Rebbetzin Emma Katz.

Thank you to everyone who made last night's Yom Haatzmaut party such a success! The Israeli food was delicious and the kids loved Emma Katz's "tour of Israel" and Erica Yadlovker's Israel Kahoot.


Biur Chametz at Anshe Chesed. 

04/15/2022 09:02:04 PM


Biur Chametz at Anshe Chesed. Thank you to our friends at the Linden Fire Department for ensuring our safety and providing the kids with fire hats!


Congregation Anshe Chesed of Linden Hosts Nechama Price

03/15/2022 10:24:25 AM


JLNJ Staff

 What happened to Betuel, Chur and On ben Pelet, three characters who “disappear” from Tanach? Last week, Nechama Price delivered the answer to a packed crowd at Congregation Anshe Chesed of Linden. “The topic was one that we don’t often hear discussed, about people named in the Torah, but about whom we know little or nothing,” said Stan Fink, a longtime member of Anshe Chesed.

Price pointed out that whenever a...

Lehitraot Chazan Shimon and Diane Vogel - A Farewell Letter from Anshe Chesed

08/05/2021 01:51:32 PM


by Anshe Chesed

It is always sad when a community must wish farewell to one of its own. It is, however, a joyous occasion when a family takes the opportunity to make Aliyah and enjoy a life in Eretz Yisrael. So, it is very bittersweet that we bid a fond farewell to a longstanding, beloved, and integral part of our Anshe...Read more...

Anshe Chesed Hires Rabbi Yossi Katz

06/08/2021 08:19:01 PM


by Anshe Chesed


On June 3, 2021, following an exhaustive search, Congregation Anshe Chesed of Linden, New Jersey announced that it has hired  Rabbi Yossi Katz as its new Rabbi. The community is excited to welcome Rabbi Katz and his family to the nearly 110-year-old congregation,...Read more...

linden attracts other communities to its learning programs

11/12/2019 06:35:40 PM


by Andy Van Houter

Congregation Anshe Chesed in Linden New Jersey continues its jam-packed calendar of learning opportunities, and it's not only members that are benefiting.  After the success of last year’s Linden Beit Midrash Program of Congregation Anshe Chesed in partnership with Yeshiva University, Anshe Chesed has doubled-down on its efforts to provide meaningful shiurim and learning opportunities for Central New Jersey’s modern...Read more...

What a Great Yom Tov Season for 5780!

10/31/2019 11:24:38 PM


by Marsha Leibert

We had another wonderful holiday here at Congregation Anshe Chesed led by Rabbi Hess! We would like to thank and send a big yashar coach to all of our ba’alei koreh, ba’al tokeah, ba’alei tefillah, our chassanim l’torah and all of our members, friends, guests and volunteers who helped make this year so enjoyable and meaningful for everyone! We came together as a congregation to enjoy inspiring sermons by Rabbi Hess, our full exciting...Read more...

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