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Day in the Life of an Av Beit Din

02/08/2024 11:37:56 AM


(Courtesy of Cong. Anshe Chesed) Cong. Anshe Chesed in Linden recently welcomed Rabbi Yona Reiss, the esteemed av beit din of the Chicago Rabbinical Council to its beautiful beit midrash for a fascinating lecture on the multifaceted role of an av beit din. The event, sponsored by the Mermelstein family, drew a captivated audience eager to gain insights into this essential position within Jewish law.

Rabbi Reiss, who also serves as a rosh yeshiva at REITS and holds multiple leadership roles within the American rabbinical community, offered a rare glimpse into his daily life. He delved into the diverse range of matters an av beit din encounters, from complex financial disputes to sensitive family issues. He emphasized the importance of balancing legal expertise with deep understanding of Jewish tradition and compassion for those seeking guidance.

The audience, coming from all over Union County, was enthralled by Rabbi Reiss’ anecdotes and practical wisdom. He shared captivating stories that showcased the unique challenges and rewards of navigating complex legal and personal issues within the framework of Jewish law. His approachable demeanor and clear explanations fostered a lively Q&A session, where attendees delved deeper into specific aspects of the av beit din role.


Rabbi Reiss’ lecture was not only informative but also incredibly inspiring. His passion for Jewish law and dedication to serving his community were truly evident, and his insights resonated deeply with the audience. The successful event highlighted the importance of engaging with prominent rabbinical figures and fostered a deeper understanding of the vital role av beitei din play in Jewish life.

Wed, June 12 2024 6 Sivan 5784