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linden attracts other communities to its learning programs

11/12/2019 06:35:40 PM


by Andy Van Houter

Congregation Anshe Chesed in Linden New Jersey continues its jam-packed calendar of learning opportunities, and it's not only members that are benefiting.  After the success of last year’s Linden Beit Midrash Program of Congregation Anshe Chesed in partnership with Yeshiva University, Anshe Chesed has doubled-down on its efforts to provide meaningful shiurim and learning opportunities for Central New Jersey’s modern orthodox community.  Congregation Anshe Chesed now offers daily, weekly, and monthly learning opportunities.

On a monthly basis, Linden hosts Roshei Yeshiva from Yeshiva University to provide dynamic shiurim on a variety of topics in its YU speaker series.  As with all of Anshe Chesed’s learning programs, this is open to the public and free of charge. And if the warmth of the Roshei Yeshiva’s Torah isn’t enough to keep attendees warm during these winter months, Anshe Chesed provides free Chinese food from Tokyo Hibachi for all present.  Last years’ speakers included Rabbi Yaakov Glasser, Rabbi Zvi Sobolovsky, Rabbi Dovid Hirsch and Rabbi Michoel Zylberman. For Elul, Linden hosted special inspirational shiurim from Rabbi Baruch Simon and Rabbi Yaakov Glasser.

Most recently, the Linden YU Speaker Series featured Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz, director of the RIETS Smicha Program, on November 11, 2019. To a packed crowd, Rabbi Lebowitz spoke movingly about the permissibility and power of prayer in the context of crisis, where the outcome already seems pre-determined.

On a weekly basis, every Tuesday night, Anshe Chesed hosts the Samuel Sicherman Linden Night Kollel, where community members join four Yeshiva University smicha students to learn in chaburot, b’chavrusah or attend a shiur.  Seeing Central New Jersey’s thirst for Torah learning, Congregation Anshe Chesed has opened this program to the public, free of charge.

Finally, on a daily basis, Linden hosts a daf yomi shiur lead by Rabbi Yaakov Meir of the Yeshiva Gedola of Carteret.  This shiur (open to the public) covers the daily daf and offers attendees to join the upcoming siyum ha’shas as a participant and not just spectators.

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